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What's Pintech Quantum?
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PINTECH QUANTUM Program is a unique PINTECH project, exclusively designed for startups and companies wanting to tap into the Polish EU grant resource pool.



We look for energetic founders and teams with fresh ideas that require financial support for conducing activities on innovative and uninhibited ideas. By cooperating with us, you have the guarantee that your project will have a completely individual character.



Cooperation under QUNATUM program, is based on individual and comprehensive development and assistance for the company, from the moment of preparing the tender documentation, through the implementation of the EU project, to the further development of the company. Raising funds for innovation and new technologies is not only our specialization, but also our passion. 

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PINTECH QUANTUM Program is a part of PINTECH which has been operating on the market since 2012. During this period, we have completed research grants for a total amount of over 56 million PLN (12 200 000 EUR).


These EU funds were used to build factories, diversify enterprises and create new technologies, helping startups and companies finance their visions. A large part of these EU grants for innovation, ended with patent applications or obtaining industrial designs that helped companies and startups to flourish further. 


From the beginning, our activity focuses on innovation and technology as the main element for every grant and for each project. Thanks to this approach, our projects are always positively assessed by expert committees and the funding for business is acquired. 

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PINTECH QUANTUM Program recognizes that new financial perspective planned for 2020-2027 plans to allocate approximately 120 billion PLN  for EU funds related to technologies to be used by startups and innovative companies.


For these years European funds are even more closely related to the need for implementing innovation,  currently there is much greater emphasis on the production of technologies inside enterprises - independently or in cooperation with a research unit, in practice, this means that it is almost impossible to obtain any funds without introducing innovation.


It is not enough to submit even a perfectly prepared grant application. The necessary element is having an innovation or technology appropriately selected for the project. 




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What We Do 

  • We get funds for financing startups and young companies dealing with technologies through EU grants 

  • We get cash for financing of R&D projects for products and services for hardware and software 

  • We help Startups & Companies establish legal entity in Poland so they can access the pool of EU funds 

  • We work with companies & startups on different stages, acceleration, pre-seed, seed, series A, etc. 

  • We help you to find reliable partners from different fields to be part of your project 


What We Can Offer 

  • Over a decade knowledge and experience of writing grants & settlement of applications  

  • Database of Universities, Engineers form fields such as ME, EE, ID, HE, Hardware houses, Patent offices, Certification Units, Lawyers, independent research and laboratory units, etc 

  • Understanding of R&D processes, C-level management experience & Founders perspective 

  • Advance knowledge of new technologies and 24/7 availability while on the job 

  • No fees until application is passed - Your success is our success 


What We Don’t Do 

  • We do not do mass applications of grants – we have a very selective process of teams we work with. 

  • We do not do grant applications that do not touch upon new technologies. 

  • We do not take on projects that are “on paper” we want to see active participation of founders.   

  • Except the official grant application fee, we do not take any upfront fees during application process. 

  • Your project might be great, but from a grant writing perspective, we do not take on projects that we feel don’t have a change to get grant funding.  

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