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Founder of Pintech. For years he has been interested in new technologies and their development of business and society. He graduated from such faculties as International Economics, International Relations: Business and World Economy, European Administration and postgraduate studies in engineering of unconventional methods of oil and gas extraction. He also spent six months in a biotechnology laboratory, where he learned about modern methods of DNA research.


He also worked in the Strategy and Business Development department of the Polish manufacturer of household appliances - Amica S.A. He was responsible for co-creating the Business Intelligence unit and participated in several international M&A processes.


He is a passionate altruist, likes to find relationships between seemingly unrelated events, willingly takes on the role of team leader, but his leadership always takes into account the characteristics of the entire team. Working in a team is his natural environment.


Privately, he likes to travel, play with his children, read Lem, Marek Aureliusz and Wiśniewski - Snerg, and popular science literature.

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