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1.  What grants do you work with, what grants can you get?

 We work with European Union grants that have been allocated for Poland for the next coming year and can be used for technological development of products and services

2. How much funding is there available?

• Its estimated that approx. 130 billion will be available between 2021 - 2027

3. What can the EU grant be used for, what can we cover with it?

• Almost anything that can accelerate your business, it depends on what grant program we choose, but most of them include: development, research, certification, hiring of staff, purchase of equipment, construction of the premises, patent acquisition, laboratory research, market research, marketing development.


4. How much funding can you help us to get?

• Amount of the grant depends always on the project, once we know what you want to do, we try to get a grant program that fits the most. Minimum project value must be around 1,5 MLN PLN (220,000 EUR) our top projects reach value of 33 MLN PLN (7,200,000 EUR).


5. How much percent of the project does the grant cover, how much private capital/funds do we need?
• It all depends on your busines and the grant program that is mostly suitable for your business. Rate of the grants that we write cover from 60-85% of total project cost depending on project itself and grant type.


6. If we apply for the Polish EU grant do, we need to be in Poland

• Yes and No. You need to have registered a Polish legal entity (we can help you with that) but you don’t need to be here physically during the application process most of our meetings can take place remotely. However, if you receive the grant some of the work of the project related to the grant must happen here in Poland

7. We are an English-speaking startup in Poland in an acceleration program, can we work with you while we are in the acceleration?

• Yes! It is a particularly good idea especially if you are planning to look for further investments. You need to have a registered legal company/entity in Poland, if you do not have, we can help you with that too.


8. Do we have to physically meet in Poland on a regular basis?
• It is advisable to meet in person, but we have worked remotely with people from across Europe. If we have regular Skype/Zoom/Teams/WhatsApp meetings and everybody is up to date on what to do next, we work remotely.


9. How long does it take to write the grant project?
• It depends firstly on what grant program we chose, some of them are big and need to be more detailed, and secondly how well we work as a team and how quickly each of us can provide all pieces of the puzzle. Generally, from 30 - 90 days.


10. How much time does it take until we receive the money after turning in the grant?
• It depends on what grant program we chose; they all have different processing speeds by the government. Usually 90 – 120 days.


11. Our technology is not super new, but we do things differently and better than others, can we still work with you?
• Yes! If you are unique in some way, you should get in touch with us. We will together do an evaluation of what your idea and your business and see if there is a grant program that fits you.


12. How much does it cost to work with you?

• If, after our meetings and assessment of your idea, we decide to work with you, it means that we believe in you so much that we are willing to do the work upfront free of charge and you pay us only when you receive the grant money. We work on a success fee basis that is decided individually depending on what grant it is.

13. Are there any other fees?

• There is a small official admission fee when the application is turned in to EU system, priced individually depending on what grant program we apply to.

14. We do not currently have own capital for the project can we still work with you to write a grant?

• Contact us and let's see what situation you are in and how we can help to solve it.


15. What is most important for you guys when working with young companies and startups on a grant?

• As for the team: Energy, mutual trust and will to succeed backed by hard work and punctuality. For the project: Technological aspects, innovation, and solid planning of the business.

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