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Darin Rusinow

Lead Analyst of Pintech

Technological news is his everyday life. He has always been interested in everything related to broadly understood computerization, IT and technology development. He prepared a thesis on "The impact of EU funds on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises". (read more)

Pawel Rusinow

Founder of Pintech.

For years he has been interested in new technologies and their development of business and society. He graduated from such faculties as International Economics, International Relations: Business and World Economy, European Administration and postgraduate studies in engineering of unconventional methods of oil and gas extraction (read more)

Bartosz Weryho

COO - Pintech Quantum Program

Co-Founder of Zmorph S.A. Founder of Get Models Now, for last 8 years involved in building and helping hardware companies with strategies and product. His technical knowledge, experience and founder's perspective is a great asset in relationship to helping our young companies writing successful grants with attention to details concerning technological issues and go to market strategies. (read more)

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Together the Pintech Quantum Team, has over a decade of experience in grant writing, scaling and developing hardware companies, and mentoring companies and startups regarding growth and financing. We possess knowledge and are passionate about new technologies, as well as experience of R&D work & project management for hardware and software companies. 


Until this day we have successfully completed projects with a total budget of 20 million euro helping founders to realize their dreams. Our job is to evaluate and refine your idea for the grant, we work as a team, your success is our success, and we don't accept projects we do not believe in ourselves.  


When working with Us you have a guarantee that you, we will go the extra mile in order to get your financial grant and do everything in our power to help you to create your envisioned company. We strongly believe that helping others with their ideas to create a better world benefits us all. So, when you think about financing your technological startup, think Pintech Qunatum, and let's change the world together

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